Product Code: ICA12_1101

Local Laser Joining of Glass and Silicon
Ville Hautala, Just Presenter; Tampere Finland
Assi Hansen, Tampere Univ. of Technology, Department of Production Engineering; Tampere Finland
Tiina Amberla, Corelase Ltd.; Tampere Finland
Yasuhiro Okamoto, Okayama Univ.; Okayama 7008350 Japan
Isamu Miyamoto, Osaka Univ.; Osaka 5650871 Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2012

In this work, we present a study on the local laser joining of two different glass types to silicon. Laser bonding tests were made using picosecond pulsed fiber laser with a wavelength of 1060nm. Surfaces of the wafers were carefully cleaned of particles, organic and metallic compounds and then brought into intimate contact before the actual laser bonding process. Focused laser beam was irradiated to the interface from the glass wafer side. Numerous parameter tests were done during the study using different repetition rates, velocities and powers. Based on the different parameter tests, some of the parameters were chosen for the other tests, e.g., scanning electron microscopic and elementary analysis, mechanical tests, and accelerated life tests. Through the experiments, it was found that these two different glass types and silicon wafers could be local joined successfully with high quality, small heat input and hermetically.

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