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Product Code: ICAL09_M506

High Energy Ultrafast Fiber Laser Systems and Their Application to High Quality Medical Device Processing
Michael Mielke, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
David Gaudiosi, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Carolyn Martinez, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Arzu Ozkan, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Kyungbum Kim, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Michael Greenburg, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Sean Peng, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Xinhua Gu, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Robert Cline, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Steve Sapers, Raydiance, Inc; Petaluma CA USA
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Ultrafast lasers based on fiber optic architecture and integrated software controls will play a dominant role in the spread of these lasers into commercial and industrial applications. The principle challenges are to generate adequate pulse energy from singlemode fiber amplifiers, which have small cross-sectional area, and to perform all tuning and control processes with embedded electronics and robust software. We demonstrate an all-fiber erbium amplifier system that produces >100 μJ per pulse with femtosecond class pulsewidth, excellent beam quality, and an autonomous control system. We present details regarding our laser platform micromachining performance with specific focus on innovative medical device manufacturing. As example, we show processing of relevant metal alloys and polymers without burrs, slag, or heat affected zone. Hence fewer post-processing steps are needed during device fabrication. We also discuss the salient reliability and lifetime topics that are necessary for ultrafast lasers to spread into realistic industrial environments.

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