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Simulation Of Thin Metal Deformation By Laser Welding
Takeji Arai, Chuo University; Tokyo Japan
Noritaka Asano, -; -
Presented at ICALEO 2009

The thermal deformation of the metal is very important factor for the laser welding technology. For a highly accurate welding with sheet metal by the laser, it is necessary to understand the distortion caused by laser processing to a highly accurate welding. At the first, to clarify the deformation values quantitatively when the laser welding of sheet metal, bead on plate by the moving heat source with continuous wave oscillations on the plate was done. It is considered the standard to know the deformation of laser welding. By using these experimental data, the amount of the deformation were measured and calculated. At the same time, the calculation by computer simulation was done to confirm the experimental results. In the first stage of this study, the welding model was assumed as a bead-on-plate, and calculated it in an ideal state of butt welding without gap. However, there is a gap in the actual welding by all means. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this for a calculation. The correct numeration way is not yet established now. To clarify these, influence of the gap in case of butt welding taken by real welding was examined. In the butt welding with a gap, the focal positions of lens and energy distributions to the materials are important. The deformation by the butt welding included thermal expansion of the melting zone became clear. As a result, various phenomena that had happened by the laser welding were clarified.

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