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Direct Laser Deposition Within Post Process Machining Characterization
Konrad Bartkowiak, Fraunhofer IWS; Dresden Germany
Pawel Twardowski, Poznan Univ. of Technology; Poznan Poland
Paul Denney, Presenter not author - CCAT; - USA
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Industry applications of Direct Laser Deposition (DLD) technique grows from year to year. However, progress is limited by 1-step applications area, because most of the deposited layer still requires a post machining process (2-step). Machining can be done at the same laser workstation to save machining time. However, the laser optics are very sensitive to dust, moisture and thermal shock, therefore dry machining has to be applied. It should be noted that hard surface layer phases has become a machining challenge. The research reported here concentrates on DLD process and focuses on machining investigation, e.g. cutting speed and tool wear. This work was performed with solid state laser (Nd:YAG) and milling machine center. Also, a new generation of milling tools currently available on the market were used to obtained high quality surface layer after DLD process. The surface quality after machining was proved by 3D profiles.

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