Product Code: ICAL09_1202

Novel Beam Analysis Applications and Hardware
Thomas Kugler, Laser Mechanisms, Inc; Farmington Hills MI USA
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Off-the-shelf beam analysis systems work very well in investigating and measuring collimated laser beam spatial profiles, focus spot spatial profiles, and the waist caustic. These standard systems have some shortcomings, however, related to viewing very small focus spot sizes at any wavelength, but especially at 10.6um. Another problem that these beam analysis systems can solve is alignment of optics and other components that can be damaged by high power beams if improperly set-up. This presentation will investigate the use of novel but simple imaging systems to allow in-depth analysis and real-time imaging of focus spot sizes from ~10um to 100um at any laser wavelength, including 10.6um, allowing resolution of features as small as 0.25um. It will also investigate the use of standard beam analysis hardware with low power pointing laser beams and artificial incoherent light to produce fine alignment and registration of optics and opto-mechanical components to high power laser beams. Examples will also employ ray-tracing information to validate the optical systems.

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