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Remote Cutting – A Smart Solution using the Advantages of High Brightness Lasers
Matthias Luetke, University of Technology Dresden; Dresden Germany
Achim Mahrle, University of Technology Dresden; Dresden Germany
Thomas Himmer, Fraunhofer Iws; Dresden Germany
Lothar Morgenthal, Fraunhofer Iws; Dresden Germany
Eckhard Beyer, Fraunhofer Iws and University of Technology Dresden; Dresden Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2008

Laser cutting plays a huge role in the field of laser materials processing. A high beam quality, a high laser power and a high absorption rate are the important ones in order to reach high cutting rates in combination with high cutting edge qualities. Providing the mentioned characteristics, the fiber laser has the biggest potential [1][2][3]. Beam qualities below 2.5 mm mrad at a wavelength of about 1 µm and a laser power in the area of several kW enable new possibilities in laser processing. When cutting thin sheets very high cutting rates are possible. These cutting speeds are not even achieved with linear drives, especially in the case of cutting contours. Thus the cutting speeds are currently limited by the dynamics of the used handling systems. Process limited cutting speeds are much higher. To create a solution to minimize this gap is the target of this research paper. Disclaiming any cutting gas a nozzle is no longer necessary. In combination with a 2D-Scanner the laser beam is flexible in the working field of the scanner. In addition to the already known advantages of remote technologies cutting speeds of about 100 m/min in contours are possible. Moreover, the process itself and the advantages will be explained.

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