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Application of SLS Technique in Manufacturing Alkali-Corrosion Resisting Valve Pieces
Pengcheng Wang, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology; hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Fushun Zhu, IMUT; Hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Junjie Xiao, IMUT; Hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Xiaocheng Li, IMUT; Hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Presented at ICALEO 2006

This paper describes the new process that combine selective laser sintering(SLS) technology with direct shell production casting (DSPC). In this method, a casting model is reversed into its foundry shell mould in the software environment, such as Pro/e, UG or Magics. Then SLS technology is used to sinter precoated sand to accumulate the foundry shell. Through post processing, the casting is cast by the shell mould. Thus the integration of SLS and DSPC is realized effectively. Simultaneously, some researches are given for the questions in the process; some vital parameters of the process are optimized. This way can be used in the industry, expecially in the unit production and trial-manufacture of new product.

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