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Research on Sintering Parameter and Prototyping Quality of Polymer Powders
Pengcheng Wang, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Techno; hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Fushun Zhu, 1-School of Materials Science and Engineering; Hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Junjie Xiao, Imut; Hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Xiaocheng Li, School of materials science and engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology; hohhot Peoples Republic of China
Presented at ICALEO 2006

In this paper, the emphasis of the study is polymer powders sintering materials using polymer powders as materials. The properties of the materials are tested, and its influence on prototyping quality is studied in detail. With polymer powders as the testing materials, the effect of processes parameters (such as laser powerpreheating temperature and layer thickness ) on prototyping quality is analyzed by using the orthogonal experimental analysis. The post treatment process of selective laser sintered parts has been studied, and the mechanic function test of patterns has been made. Also sintering capability prototyping quality and the application area of each polymer powder are compared , which is the foundation of selecting the polymer powders reasonably.

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