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3D Prototyping from Metallic Powder by Laser Beam
Teruyuki Hayashi, Chiba Institute of technology; Narashino-shi,Chiba-ken, Japan
Toshiyuki Miyazaki, Chiba Institute of Technology; Narasino-shi,Chiba-ken. Japan
Tsuyoshi Tokunaga, Chiba Institute of Technology; Narashino-shi,Chiba-ken Japan
Yota Mizukami, Polytechnic university; Sagamihara-shi Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2006

Laser melting is one of rapid prototyping techniques. An object can be formed in a short time by heaping up thin layers of molten metal powders. In such a case, a warp is generated in the formed object; thus, the precise shape cannot be obtained. In the present paper, we propose a new method of laser melting, which combines laser heating with electric heating. The rear surface of thin layer of metal powder is heated with electric heater and the front surface is heated with laser beams. This process can reduce the generation of warp. We have tried to make three-dimensional objects by this method and to obtain the necessary conditions of laser beam and powder layer thickness.

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