Product Code: ICAL06_P514

Mechanism and Prediction of Laser Wet Cleaning of Marble Encrustation
Fen Xu, City College of New York; New York NY USA
Jie Zhang, Columbia University; New York NY USA
John R. Lombardi, City College of New York; New York NY USA
Y. Lawrence Yao, Columbia University; New York NY USA
Presented at ICALEO 2006

During the removal of encrustation from marble with 355 nm laser pulses, the effects of the thin liquid layer covering the encrustation are experimentally and numerically investigated. The working mechanism of the liquid layer is analyzed. The two-dimensional model is proposed to simulate the changes of the temperature, liquid content and vapor pressure in the irradiated encrustation. Taking into account the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, three coupled nonlinear PDEs are numerically solved. The measured porosity of the encrustation is incorporated into the model. The influences of the used liquid amount on the cleaning efficiency are investigated. With the liquid layer, the surface color of marble cleaned at different fluence levels is also studied. In addition, the marble cleaning with three liquids having different thermodynamic property, that is, distilled water, methanol and acetone, are compared in terms of the cleaning efficiency. The surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and the chromameter are used to identify the chemical constituents and measure the color of the cleaned marble, respectively.

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