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Laser Bending of Thin Metal Plate
Tadashi Misu, Chiba Ibstitute of Technology; Narashino Japan
Osamu YAMAZAKI, Chiba Ibstitute of Technology; Narashino Japan
Syunrou Yoshioka, Chiba Ibstitute of Technology; Narashino MI Japan
Tsuyoshi Tokunaga, Chiba Ibstitute of Technology; Narashino Japan
Yoshihiro Tanaka, Tokyo Institute Polytechnic Univercity; Kodaira Japan
Toshiyuki MIYAZAKI, japan; Narashino Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2006

Diode laser beams of 10W and 140W are applied to laser forming of stainless steel of about 01 mm in thicknessBeam diameter is about 1 mm so that bending is generated due to buckling mechanism. In this mechanism the bending direction is not fixed so that the workpiece can be bent both toward and away the laser beamIn the present paper controlling of bending direction is discussed experimentally. Experimental results show that the bending direction can be controlled under certain conditions, which depend on laser power, beam size, and so path. In case of two beams, if the same portion is irradiated by 10W(Total power of 20W), the workpiece will bend in the concave form. If beams are detached 1.4mm away, it will bend in the convex form. When workpiece width of 5mm is irradiated, by pulses line laser, it bends allway in the convex form.

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