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Synova has Re-Invented the Laser: No Heat Damage, No Beam Divergence, No Cutting Gas, No Deposition
Delphine Perrottet, Synova SA; Ecublens Switzerland
Joseph Battaglia, Synova USA, Inc.; Santa Cruz CA USA
Bernold Richerzhagen, Synova SA; Ecublens Switzerland
Roy Housh, Synova SA; Ecublens Switzerland
Presented at ICALEO 2006

The innovative water-jet-guided laser technology invented by Synova a few years ago has revolutionized laser microprocessing. With a water jet to guide a laser beam by total internal reflection at the water/air interface, this new technology cannot be confused with a conventional dry laser. In dry laser cutting, the working distance is short because of the conical beam shape and focus control is required. Heat damages are important, and the assist gas is not sufficient to remove the molten material, which adhere to the material surface. With the water-jet-guided laser, the working distance is much longer and the cut edges are parallel. Heating is negligible, thanks to the water jet, which also efficiently removes the molten material. The particles are washed away by water, suppressing the need of an assist gas and protective layer. Thanks to its advantages over dry lasers, the water-jet-guided laser is today accepted in many state-of-the-art industries, such as the semiconductor, electronic, medical device and flat panel display industries.

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