Product Code: ICAL06_M702

Advanced Fiber Laser Marking on Very Small IC Packages and Microprocessing of Very Thin Films (Invited Paper)
Rakesh Bhandari, Sunx Ltd; Kasugai-Shi Aichi Japan
T. Kamiya, SUNX Limited; Aichi Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2006

Small integrated circuit packages pose a challenge in marking them, due to their extremely small size and thin wall-thickness. A marker machine, using a special fiber laser, has been developed to meet this need. Characters as small as 0.2 mm x 0.2 mm, with a marking depth of a few microns, can be marked at a speed of over 600 characters per second. We also introduce a pulsed fiber laser marker that can selectively process submicron thin films deposited on substrates. This is very useful for hybrid circuits and circuits fabricated directly on molded parts.

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