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Development of DPSS-Laser-Based ITO Patterning System for Large-Scale FPD's (Invited Paper)
Naoaki Fukuda, Hitachi Zosen Corporation; OSAKA Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2006

The FPD market continues rapidly growth. The panel manufacturer keeps an effort to increase the manufacturing efficiency, moreover must produce panels in consideration of global environmental concerns more than before. The laser patterning method is thought to be one of processing methods that breaks down the limit of a present manufacturing efficiency and environmental problems. Hitz Hitachi Zosen Co. and Takei electric industries Co., Ltd. have been developing various laser patterning equipments in FPD, semiconductor substrate line and so on. All these equipments provide a cleaner, chemical-free equipment environment, a more compact foot space and lower costs than are possible with the conventional photo litho process. Especially in this, the author describe an ITO film laser patterning equipment for color filter substrates. The equipment can selectively remove the ITO film without damage from the multilayer film on the glass.

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