Product Code: ICAL06_M1103

Direct Laser Pyrolysis of Nanostructured Micro Components
Jean Pierre Bergmann, TU Ilmenau; Ilmenau Germany
Johannes Wilden, TU Ilmenau; Ilmenau Germany
Sebastian Schlichting, TU Ilmenau; Ilmenau Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2006

The presentation discusses the production of free form nanostructure components for micro system engineering or rapid prototyping applications. In contrast to previous procedures, e.g. laser sintering of ceramics powders, the ceramic components will be directly produced from a liquid precursor with laser generating. The component will be built up layer for layer, thus shrinkage and disintegration from outgassing can be avoided. During the conversion from polymer precursor to ceramic the two processes polymerisation and pyrolysis take place. Furthermore, the energy for this step by step conversion will be supplied from a pulsed Nd:YAG laser. In order to reach a stable and restricted reaction in a small range around the focus point a decrease of energy density on the way of laser beam through the precursor is necessary. One way to obtain this is the separation of laser beam in two or more beams. On the other hand material and processing development is important to control the absorption of the precursor and the assembling of the produced ceramic.

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