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Comparison of Laser Cladding with Powder and Hot and Cold Wire Techniques
Janne Nurminen, KETEK; Kokkola Finland
Jouko Riihimäki, Central Ostrobothnian Technology Centre KETEK; Finland
Jonne Näkki, Central Ostrobothnian Technology Centre KETEK; Finland
Petri Vuoristo, KETEK; Finland
Presented at ICALEO 2006

Laser cladding with various methods have been utilized for some years with increasing quantity. Powder has been traditional type of consumable, but some usage of wires has been used as well. There are also a number of cladding reports with preheated wire deposition. The aim has been to increase the low productivity of laser cladding. The preheating has been produced by various methods, for instance induction, plasma flame and resistance of the wire. This study compares the different deposition techniques with powder, cold wire and resistance heated wire process. Deposition rates, process characteristics and metallurgical investigations are presented for various materials.

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