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Challenges in Laser Cooling Water Systems
Brian Jenkins, Nalco Company; Naperville IL USA
Brooke Winter, Nalco Company; Gilbert AZ USA
James Dillon, Nalco Company; Naperville IL USA
Kaveh Sotoudeh, Nalco Company; Naperville IL USA
Lars Capener, Nalco Company; Naperville IL USA
Presented at ICALEO 2005

Industrial lasers often employ water-cooled PCCL (Process Critical Closed Loops) to maintain operating temperatures within specific parameters. These loops ability to maintain proper cooling is essential to the successful operation and maintenance of lasers. Properly maintained water chemistry in these loops can enhance reliability and performance; a poorly designed or maintained water chemistry program can result in shortened laser life, poor reliability, and interruptions to manufacturing processes supported by the laser.

This paper will describe some of the basics involved in a successful laser cooling water treatment program, from system design and construction to laser installation and chemical treatment deployment.

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