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Deep Engraving of Metals for the Automotive Sector Using High Average Power Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers
Jozef Wendland, Powerlase Ltd; Crawley West Sussex UK
Matt Henry, Powerlase Ltd; Crawley Great Britain
Paul Harrison, Powerlase Ltd; Crawley West Sussex UK
Michael Brownell, Powerlase Ltd; Crawley West Sussex UK
Presented at ICALEO 2005

This paper investigates deep engraving of steel and aluminium by laser. By examination of laser and scanner parameters an optimal balance between feature quality and processing speed is achieved. Material removal rates of up to 20mm3/min for steel and 40mm3/min for aluminium are demonstrated up to a maximum engraved depth of 1mm. The effect of feature shape and feature size on the process is also investigated.
Deep engraving of metals using latest generation Q-switched diode pumped solid-state lasers is a developing application across a range of market sectors. One key use is in creating indelible laser milled marks on high value components in the automotive industry for security reasons. These marks must be resistant to tampering, visible after subsequent painting, difficult to reproduce and not affect the working properties of the component.

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