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ANSI Z136.7 (2020) - Testing and Labeling of Laser Protective Equipment

Electronic Version

Z136.7-2020 Electronic version is a single-user PDF version that provides reasonable and adequate guidance for consumers and manufacturers of laser protective equipment.

This standard is intended for anyone selecting or testing laser protective materials. The ANSI Z136.7-2020 standard provides recommendations for testing and labeling laser protective materials and protective equipment such as eye protection, barriers, and windows designed for use with lasers and laser systems that operate at wavelengths between 180 nm and 106 nm. All appendices are informative.

NOTE 1—This standard does not include personal protective equipment (PPE) for high-energy lasers (HEL) that require an optical density (OD) greater than seven (7).
NOTE 2—This standard may not be adequate for very high pulse or continuous wave (CW) power lasers.


  •  A comparison of different filter types
  •  Factors to consider before selecting a filter
  •  Refined angular protection test procedures for reflective filters (i.e., dielectric stacks, holograms)
  •  Thorough discussion of material damage thresholds, environmental consideration

The ANSI Z136.7 Testing and Labeling of Laser Protective Equipment provides understandable guidance for the consumer to consider when selecting laser protective materials and eyewear. The document includes the test methods, protocols, specifications, and considerations that should be considered when selecting devices to protect the eye from lasers and laser systems. Protective devices include laser eye protection (spectacles, goggles, and visors), instrument filters, laser window filters, and laser area protective barriers, screens, or beam blocking curtains. The different test methods will depend on the protective device, laser type, temporal mode of operation and wavelength(s). Necessary test considerations, variables, and procedures are also discussed. The recommended stepwise procedure for selecting protective materials / filters suggests the consumer should:

  •  Determine the characteristics of the laser or laser system:
  •  Continuous wave, Q-switched, sub-nanosecond, or some combination of pulse durations.
  •  Wavelength or wavelength band of the laser protection.
  •  The required optical density or barrier threshold level as identified the wavelength in question.
  •  Determine where the protection will be used; indoors, outdoors, etc.
  •  Determine the type of protective equipment required; eyewear, barrier, or window.
  •  Determine the best filter technology; absorptive, reflective, or hybrid.
  •  Determine the material type of the eyewear/windows under study: plastic, glass, hybrid, material, metal, etc.

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