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HISTORICAL: ANSI Z136.1 and ANSI Z136.9 Set

Electronic Version

This set includes the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers and the ANSI Z136.9 Safe Use of Lasers in Manufacturing Environments, electronic versions only.

Historical Document
The Z136.9 standard reached its 10-year expiration on August 6, 2023. This standard is considered historical and is not a current American National Standard. The information in this standard may still be referenced as an LIA standard, but it no longer carries the American National Standard designation. A revision of this standard is in process and will be proposed to ANSI for approval when it has completed its consensus process.

The ANSI Z136.1 is a parent document and cornerstone of the Z136 series of laser safety standards, the Z136.1 is the foundation of laser safety programs for industrial, military, medical, and educational applications nationwide.

  •  Click here to view a sample of ANSI Z136.1, which includes the Table of Contents.

The ANSI Z136.9 is intended to protect individuals with the potential for laser exposure when lasers are used in manufacturing environments, this standard includes policies and procedures to ensure laser safety in both public and private industries as well as product development along with testing.

  •  Click here to view a sample of ANSI Z136.9, which includes the Table of Contents.

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