Photomachining, Inc.

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About Photomachining, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Photomachining, Inc. specializes in advancing technologies in the field of Laser MicroMachining. We provide Laser Micromachining systems as well as Contract Manufacturing Services utilizing in-house developed Laser Systems covering wavelengths from the short UV to the IR. Contract Manufacturing services run from Proof of Principle experiments to volume production.

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Principle Applications:
laser micromachining, Ablation, Short Pulse (Picosecond), Short Pulse Femtosecond) Laser Processing
Services Offered:
Laser MicroMachining contract mfg., Standard and custom Laser Machining Systems, Porous Ceramic Vacuum chucks.
Principle Markets Served:
Medical Devices, Semiconductor, microelectronics, aerospace, R&D