Journal of Laser Applications

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The Journal of Laser Applications is the official journal of the Laser Institute of America and serves as the major international forum for exchanging ideas and information in disciplines that apply laser technology. Internationally known editors, reviewers and columnists deliver the latest results of their research worldwide, dealing with the diverse, practical applications of photonic technology.

The journal addresses a number of interdisciplinary topics, making it an important and vibrant forum for specialists in all areas of the laser industry. A streamlined review process by a panel of recognized experts ensures the rapid dissemination of the latest developments, techniques, and research in the field. Rigorous peer review also guarantees the publication of consistently high quality work

Subject Coverage Areas of special interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Laser materials processing: radiation absorption; scattering and reflection; material optical properties and material interaction phenomena, including phase changes.
  • Laser sensing & measurement: lasers, systems, and sensing for laser materials processing; general laser sensing and measurement, including remote sensing and spectroscopy.
  • Biomedical applications: biophysical studies of tissue optics; scatter, absorption, and nonlinear effects in tissue; optical dosimetry; thermo-mechanical, thermo-chemical, photochemical, and nonlinear effects; optimizing; photodiagnostics, photochemotherapy, photoablation, photocoagulation or photodisruption.
  • Laser safety: maximum permissible exposure limits; new safety standards and regulations; laser classification; hazard evaluation and risk analysis; laser accident investigations; safety training; eye and skin protection and laser protective materials.