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Introducing LIA's Guide to High Power Laser Cutting, authored by John Powell, Dirk Petring, Jetro Pocorni and Alexander Kaplan.

In this first edition, students, engineers and scientists alike will gain a more in-depth understanding of the science behind laser cutting. Written by a team of specialists led by industry experts Dr. John Powell and Dr. Dirk Petring, this 136-page guide is a comprehensive resource that touches on all features of laser cutting machines and materials.

What's Included

  • Physics of Laser Cutting
  • Design and Mechanics of Laser Cutting Machines
  • When to use Fiber versus CO2 laser cutting machines
  • Information on different materials' interaction with laser cutting machines
  • Practical advice about purchasing a laser cutting machine
  • Different materials' laser cutting speed tables

With 42 color and 31 black-and-white illustrations, this a working reference tool for laser users in any industry. The authors additionally delve into the complex physical and chemical interactions that occur during laser-oxygen cutting and walk through the ways that the efficiency of laser cutting changes with the laser or material type, the power of the laser and the thickness of the material, leaving no subject untouched.

“This new guide is aimed at a wide readership—from job-shop employee to researchers,” said Dr. Powell.

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