• Mastering Light DVD - An Introduction to Laser Safety

    Written and produced by LIA, the 2016 version of the Mastering Light: An Introduction to Laser Safety & Hazards video fulfills both the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) laser safety requirements for employees who routinely work with or who potentially could be exposed to Class 3B or Class 4 laser radiation.


    Member Pricing: $450.00

  • Notice Sign

    This 10x14 plastic sign is used to demarcate the exterior boundary of a temporary laser controlled area when a class 3B or class 4 laser system is being maintained or serviced. This sign meets the ANSI Z136.1 for Safe Use of Lasers requirements for signage.


    Member Pricing: $25.00


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