American National Standards Institute - Z136.7

Testing and Labeling of Laser Protective Equipment

Z136.7-2020 Coming Soon!

The objective of this standard is to provide reasonable and adequate guidance on the test methods and protocols used to provide eye protection from lasers and laser systems.

Intended for manufacturers of:

  • Laser eye protective devices of instrument filters
  • Laser window filters
  • Laser area protective barriers, screens or beam blocking curtains
  • Consumers who test their eyewear (e.g., researchers in laboratories)


  • Transmittance
  • Optical Density (OD)
  • Refractive Power
  • Surface and Material Quality
  • Environmental Stability
  • Flammability
  • Field of View
  • Filter Construction/Assembly
  • Frames and/or Side Shields
  • Mechanical Strength and Impact Resistance

Test Methods and/or Test Protocols are provided for each of the above considerations, as well as manufacturer’s instructions and labeling requirements.

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