ANSI Z136.3

Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care

Control measures differ due to the intentional application of laser radiation to a patient for diagnostic, preventative, cosmetic or therapeutic purposes, where bodily structure or function is altered or symptoms are relieved.

In addition to protecting the employer, facility, and personnel, LSOs have the responsibility of protecting the patient. For example, an endotracheal tube fire could result in the death of the patient.

Provides guidance for individuals who work with high power Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems in health care.

  • Operating room personnel designated as LSO
    • Circulating Nurse, Biomed Tech
    • Physician
  • Risk Managers, Medical Educators
  • Mobile Medical Laser Rental Services
  • Dentists, Veterinarians
  • Dermatologists, Estheticians
  • Lasers for Home Use