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A Novel Multi-Functional Fiber Grating Sensor with Self-Demodulation and Discrimination Capabilities
Yage Zhan, Physics Department, Donghua University; Shanghai Peoples Republic of China
Presented at PICALO 2008

A novel multi-functional fiber grating sensor with self-demodulation and discrimination capabilities was presented in this paper. The sensor can measure strain, vibration common temperature (-10-100ºC), high temperature (100-800ºC), pressure, etc. There are three fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) and one fiber long period grating (LPG) in the system. FBG1 and FBG2 can be used as common temperature, strain, vibration and pressure sensing head, arbitrary two of them can be measured simultaneously. The LPG is used as a linear response edge filter to convert wavelength into intensity-encoded information for demodulation. The LPG also can be used as high temperature sensing head, when one of FBG will be used as demodulation element. FBG3 is used as reference element to eliminate the errors. According to the output of the photodiode (PD), which related to relative wavelength shift of the LPG and the corresponding FBG, one can determine the measurand. Theoretical and experimental results demonstrated that the multi-functional fiber grating sensor can measure many kind of parameters, with self-demodulation and discrimination capabilities. The demodulation technique is immune to light source fluctuation and the cross-sensitivity between temperature and strain, and also the dynamic range is large.

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