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Innovative Laser Consolidation Process for Making Net-shape Functional Components for Various Industrial Applications (Invited Paper)
Lijue Xue, National Research Council Canada; London ON Canada
Presented at PICALO 2008

Laser consolidation is a novel computer-aided manufacturing process being developed by the Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute of National Research Council of Canada (NRC-IMTI). This rapid manufacturing process produces net-shape functional metallic parts layer by layer directly from a CAD model by using a laser beam to melt the injected powder and re-solidifying it on the substrate or previous layer. As an alternative to the conventional machining process, this novel manufacturing process builds net-shape functional parts or features on an existing part by adding instead of removing material. In this paper, NRC-IMTIs recent progress on the development of laser consolidation process for various industrial applications (including space robotic arm, racing car, sonar, aircraft, gas turbines and rocket engines) will be reviewed. The functional properties and unique microstructure of laser consolidated materials, including Ni-, Ti-, Co-, Al-alloys, stainless and tool steels will be briefly discussed in relevance to the specific industrial applications.

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