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Physical Influences of the Plasma during Metal Powder Irradiation using Different Wavelength Laser Systems
Konrad Bartkowiak, Fraunhofer IWS; Dresden Germany
Mikhail Vasilyev, The Univ. of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI USA
Presented at PICALO 2008

The plasma effect of the irradiated metal powder surface is a physical phenomenon which can give significant information about composition created in the melt pool and also it indicates range of temperatures involved in this process. It was observed that direct laser deposition (DLD) process is not completely free from plasma effects. Obviously it depends on laser cladding parameters, influence of shielding gas and deposited material, but it was still recognized that small plasma effects can support significant modeling and process control. Understanding of this is essential if the process is to be fully controlled for a manufacturing environment. The research presented in this paper brings together the current theories as to why this occurs and offers a coherent picture of the degree of influence of each factor and at which point in the process each is active based on the empirical data presented. The work reported here centres on initial studies performed with different wavelength laser systems and their irradiation impact on the various metal powders. A solid state, CW YAG (λ = 1.06um) and CO2 (λ = 10.6um) slab laser systems were used. The in situ plasma monitoring was done via portable fiber optics spectrometer and fast digital imaging.

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