Product Code: PIC2008_408

Laser-Assisted Production of Bioceramic Coatings from Marine Wastes
Fernando Lusquinos, Universidade De Vigo; Vigo Spain
Rafael Comesana, Universidade De Vigo; Vigo Spain
Felix Quintero, Universidade De Vigo; Vigo Spain
Antonio Riveiro, Universidade De Vigo; Vigo Spain
Juan Pou, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Mohamed Boutinguiza, Universidade De Vigo; Vigo Spain
Presented at PICALO 2008

Wastes from different parts of fish and sea food can constitute a source of precursor material for different applications in the biomedical field such as bioceramic coatings to improve the osteointegration of metallic implants. The present research work is aimed to use this material in order to produce bioceramic coatings by laser surface cladding technique. A Nd:YAG laser having an average power of 500 W was used for these experiments. The morphology and chemical composition of the precursor material was analyzed and the powder blowing technique was employed to convey the particles to the laser-substrate interaction zone. Preliminary experiments were designed keeping mean laser power, powder mass flow and feed rate as processing parameters to identify the suitable combination of them to get coatings with strong adhesion and free of defects. The coatings were physico-chemically characterized by SEM and EDX to recognize the morphology and the evolution in-depth of the elements, XRD to identify the phases and also mechanical tests were carried out.

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