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Manufacture and Repair of Aero Engine Components using Laser Technology (Invited Paper)
Ingomar Kelbassa, Rwth Aachen University; Aachen Germany
Jan Wilkes, Fraunhofer Ilt; Aachen Germany
Jens Dietrich, Rwth Aachen University; Aachen Germany
Patrick Albus, Rwth Aachen University; Aachen Germany
Presented at PICALO 2008

Manufacture and repair of newly-developed and high-valued aero engine components made of Titanium and Nickel base alloys have become more and more subjects of current R & D work starting with feasibility studies, over process developments yielding in certified processes and industrially implemented machines and systems engineering. Using laser technology enables the OEMs to manufacture parts which cannot be manufactured with conventional technologies such as milling and casting and the MROs to repair parts which are known to be not repairable to date. This paper gives an overview about developed and industrially implemented manufacture and repair processes such as Laser Metal Deposition and Selective Laser Melting for additive manufacture and repair of parts, Laser Welding for patch repair and Laser Drilling for manufacture of instrumentation holes. Achieved results such as mechanical characteristics as well as the basic process specifications are described. Components under investigation are e.g. HPC BLISKs, HPT Vanes and Blades, HPT Liners and Combustor Swirlers made of Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-6246, In 718, CMSX-4 etc.. The paper is completed by the presentation of installed machines at the customers sites.

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