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State of the Art of Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloys in China (Invited Paper)
Ronghsi Xiao, Institute of Laser Engineering, Beijing University of Technology; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Presented at PICALO 2008

Aluminum alloys are among the most important parts of advanced materials being of strategic significance. Laser welding is a fast growing technique that offers new opportunities in the joining of aluminum alloys. Alloys that can be welded, can be welded better using laser radiation. Alloys such as the Al 7000 series that are unweldable with conventional techniques are readily joined by laser welding to produce welds with high strength. In this paper, progresses in laser welding of aluminum alloys are reviewed mainly based on the authors research achievements financially supported by the National 863 Plan and by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University.

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