Product Code: PIC2008_202

Colour Marking of Metals with Fibre Lasers
Anthony Tse, A & P Instrument Co. Ltd; Kowloon Bay Hk Hong Kong
Lu Ming, Spi Lasers; Southampton Great Britain
Tony Hoult, Spi Lasers Llc; Santa Clara CA USA
Presented at PICALO 2008

Laser marking has become a standard industrial process. Recent refinements in laser source technology have enabled the development of colour marking of metals such as stainless steel. The high level of control of the localised heating required in the material can be achieved with a pulsed 20W laser capable of operating in the 20-500kHz range. The flexibility offered by the laser in terms of pulse shape, length and power enables an extensive and reproducible colour pallet to be achieved. The performance capability of this source is reviewed and potential markets for colour marks explored and the mechanisms for the generation of colour marks discussed.

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