Product Code: PIC06_M104

Laser Replication Process using Photo-etchable Glass-ceramics and Polymers
Joohan Kim, Seoul National University of Technology; Seoul Korea
Xianfan Xu, Purdue University; Lafayette IN USA
Presented at PICALO 2006

Micro fluidic devices are widely used as typical micro devices and they have many applications in clinical diagnostics, drug delivery and micro electronics cooling. A micro replication process can be used for fabricating micro fluidic devices and a laser replication process using glass-ceramics and polymers is investigated in this work. This process is based on the micro stamping replication process, also referred to as hot embossing lithography. A glass-ceramic master plate for replication can be rapidly fabricated through a laser process. With the glass-ceramic masters, various micro patterns are produced precisely on the surface of polymer films. The fabrication process of a micro glass-ceramic master plate is presented in detail as well as the replication process for micro structures on polymer films. The characteristics using glass-ceramics as a master material for replication such as surface structures of master plates, maximum resolution in the process, and replicated structures on polymers are presented and discussed.

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