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The Effects of Laser Process Parameters on the Weldability of Lap Joints between Aluminum Alloy (AA5052) and Magnesium Alloy (AZ31B)
Han-Sur Bang, Chosun University; Gwangju Korea
Nazmul Alam, CSIRO; Adelaide Australia
Young-Pyo Kim, CSIRO; Adelaide Australia
Presented at PICALO 2006

In the automotive industries, one of the main issues is to reduce the weight of structures for saving fuel consumption, prevention of air pollution and improvement of performance. For this purpose, many efforts have been tried to substitute standard material of car body by using light metal alloys. Therefore, technical and economical needs for joining of dissimilar metals by joining process satisfying productivity and quality will be increased in future automotive industry. Especially, use of Al and Mg alloys is considered for their superior material characteristics such as high strength to weight ratio, good recycle-ability and noise & vibration resistance. In the present study, effectiveness of lap joint between aluminium alloy AA5052 and magnesium alloy AZ31B was carried out by cw Nd:YAG laser welding process in order to investigate relationship among process parameters, formation of intermetallic compounds and final strength in welds. As a result, many aspects such as defects and inter metallic compounds could be controlled to achieve the high strength in the joint.

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