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E. Nava‐Ru¨diger
M. Houlot
Ecole Nationale Supe´rieure d'Arts et Me´tiers, Laboratoire Proce´de´s et Techniques de Production Me´canique, Paris, France

The automation of laser welding processes requires the control of the various process components as well as the control of the laser—material interaction. These systems are essential for ensuring the quality of the weld seam as they are able to react to dynamic fluctuations during the process. During the process various phenomena occur which are potential sources of diagnostic signals: these include thermal, electrical, optical, mechanical and acoustic events. This paper presents the development of an integrated real‐time system based on the monitoring of several of these phenomena that provide complementary information for the detection of different defect types. A system based on the use of infrared photodiodes has been validated and successfully applied to the detection of the appearance of geometric defects such as sagging or misalignment in the weld seam. A complementary system to monitor the airborne acoustic signals of the process is under development and the experimental results for defining the acoustic pattern of welding defects are presented.

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