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A. Kar
J. E. Scott
W. P. Latham

A simple mathematical model of thick‐section stainless steel cutting with a high power chemical oxygen–iodine laser (COIL) is presented and compared with experimental results obtained with a 10‐kilowatt COIL at the U.S. Air Force's Phillips Laboratory. This model uses a lumped‐parameter technique to relate the cutting kerf depth with various process parameters and can be used to predict scaled laser materials processing performance to very thick sections. The model is similar to an empirical model developed by researchers in Japan, but includes predictive capabilities for thick metal cutting at very low velocities. The effects of various process parameters such as laser power, spot size and dimensions, and processing speed in the cutting depth are discussed and demonstrated. Finally, the ramifications of this model on thick‐section processing of metals are presented, with emphasis on potential applications of COIL to high‐speed, thick stainless steel cutting.

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