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James E. Parks
Charles S. Feigerle
Robert Deserio
Joseph Wiest

A National Science Foundation undergraduate faculty enhancement workshop on advanced laboratory experiments using lasers was developed at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with the authors as the instructors. The workshop emphasized the development and implementation of laser‐based experiments primarily suitable for advanced undergraduate physics and chemistry laboratories. Participants gained practical, hands‐on experience in approximately 16 unique laser‐based experiments in atomic and molecular physics, physical chemistry, and biophysics. The workshop also featured three construction projects, holography, computer‐aided instruction in laser safety, funding strategies, instruction and discussion. The relevance of the activities was illustrated with field trips to nearby private, state and federal laboratories to demonstrate applications in basic science, analytical chemistry, medicine, communications, and manufacturing. Highlights of the workshop and newly developed experiments are presented and an evaluation and further plans are discussed.

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