Product Code: JLA_5_1_53

Terry Lyon
Laser Microwave Division, U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency

A tutorial guide is presented to provide uniform guidance when performing radiometric measurements upon laser systems to perform a hazard evaluation. This guide was requested by and presented to the Department of Defense (DOD) Laser System Safety Working Group (LSSWG) to serve as a standardized method when performing hazard evaluations primarily upon tactical and training military laser systems including laser rangefinders and designators. Technical information is provided in detail to select a suitable detector, preform radiometric measurements, assess laser system pointing errors, calculate laser protective eyewear optical density, calculate beam divergence, and predict peak beam irradiances or radiant exposures at any distance from the laser. The guide identifies the primary health and safety consultants within DOD who are responsible to evaluate the potential hazards from military laser systems. This guide is intended to serve less experienced personnel by pointing out some common measurement errors and detector limitations which can lead to erroneous results. The guide also directs the reader to review the requirements of MIL‐STD‐1425A when a military laser system has been exempted from the requirements of the federal regulation for laser products, 21 CFR 1040. This guide was intended to facilitate acceptance of laser hazard evaluations performed by other services and to aid planners of joint service laser exercises.

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