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S. R. Vatsya
Kuljit S. Virk
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute, National Research Council of Canada, 800 Collip Circle, London, Ontario N6G 4X8, Canada

The two temperature coupled equations, modeling thermal diffusion during laser-induced ablation of metals, are solved under the assumptions that the electron and the lattice heat capacities, and the thermal conductivity remain constant in the process. In view of its practical value, the solution is initially obtained for the energy sources with a Gaussian distribution. The solution is then generalized to include a larger class of source terms for comparison with other results. Present analysis is valid under less restrictive conditions than frequently imposed in the literature. In particular, the solution is valid for realistic source terms and describes the process for ultrashort to nanosecond pulse-width regimes. More general results obtained here retain the attractive features of other approximate solutions available elsewhere and reduce to them under the respective conditions. Predictions of the present model agree well with the experimental observations reported in the literature. © 2003 Laser Institute of America.

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