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Qihong Wu
Yurong Ma
Jiansheng Jie
Qingxuan Yu
Yuan Liao
Rongchuan Fang
Department of Physics, Structure Research Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, 230026, People’s Republic of China

Xiangli Chen
Kelvin Wang
GE Corporate Research and Development Shanghai Center, 421 Hongcao Road, Shanghai 200233, People’s Republic of China

Holes were percussion drilled in Inconel 718 plates by a high intensity pulsed ultraviolet laser (266 and 355 nm) with 8 ns pulse width. It showed that shortening the laser wavelength resulted in thinner recast layers, less microcracks, and faster machining speed. In order to get high quality and fast speed in laser hole drilling, a two-step processing method was proposed and tested. © 2003 Laser Institute of America.

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