Product Code: 242 | ISBN: 978-1-7320721-2-1

Industrial Laser Safety at a Glance

Authors: Ken Barat, Tom Lieb

Few technologies have found more applications or had greater impact on the modern world than the laser. Laser technology has become an integral part of manufacturing, with a myriad of applications from cutting, welding and drilling, to marking and cladding. Industrial Laser Safety at a Glance provides simple and straightforward information to those working with lasers in the manufacturing environment.

Laser operators, service personnel, and incidental staff all need to have an awareness of and appreciation for the potential risks laser systems can present. Whether the laser system has been designed and installed to be Class 1, e.g., through interlock doors, enclosed beam paths, and/or protective housings, or operate as a Class 4 product, the laser safety officer (LSO) and floor supervisor must make sure appropriate control measures are in place.

Published by Photonics Media Press, and authored by laser safety subject matter experts and BLS-certified LSOs Ken Barat and Tom Lieb, Industrial Laser Safety at a Glance is a comprehensive guide to understanding important basic laser safety information for those working in the industrial setting. Its goal is to raise awareness of how laser exposure can be dangerous and outline which laser safety steps may be necessary to mitigate potential laser hazards. It will give operators as well as those working around laser systems a sense of confidence with regard to their safety and the safety of those around them.

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