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Product Code: ILSC2009_903

Laser Safety Measures in the Work Environment of a Laser Manufacturer
Nadia Capolla, StockerYale, Inc.; Montreal QC Canada
Presented at ILSC 2009

Since the environment of a company that manufactures lasers is different than other industrial environments where lasers are simply used, it is often difficult to implement the standard safety measures that are proposed in text books. For example, the lasers that are built on the production floor, and that need to be characterized at different stages of fabrication, are not yet classified and often not yet adjusted to their final output power. Also, the production floor needs to be an open space in order to optimize flow efficiency, so the lasers are not characterized and measured in closed labs. These unique conditions in which many operators must work in close proximity increase the risk of laser eye exposure. This presentation will show how StockerYale Inc. copes with these difficulties, by implementing adapted safety measures for its employees.

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