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Product Code: ILSC2009_601

Color Perception Optimization for Laser Eye Protection Devices
Andrew V. Alekseyev-Popov, Gentex Corporation; Millwood NY USA
John F. Cueva, Gentex Corporation; Millwood NY USA
Presented at ILSC 2009

Requirements for laser eye protection (LEP), though different for specific industrial or medical applications, have some common features:1)Protection at one or more wavelengths and 2) High integrated luminance transmittance (ILT)

Due to the method of construction and cost, LEP typically protects against several laser wavelengths. Simultaneously blocking several spectral bands naturally leads to distortion of color perception. Unlike optical density (OD), there is no common set of requirements for color balancing (CB) the effect of LEP filters. Neutral gray is the goal, but it rarely can be achieved without significantly affecting the ILT. There is also no established merit function, which precludes us from using standard mathematical programming techniques (GAMS, etc.) to optimize the designs.

GENTEX has developed an interactive computer program that facilitates the design phase by allowing insertion of color balancing dyes, calculation of the parameters (Purity vs. ILT, etc.) and visual evaluation of color perception. It also allows us to enhance display readability by customizing the color palette for use with specific eyewear. It is a user-friendly tool, providing fast evaluation of multiple LEP/CB/ILT combinations for reflective and absorptive LEP filters.

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