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Test of a Laser Countermeasure in the Netherlands
Arie KLERK, Ministry of Defense; Den Helder Netherlands
Presented at ILSC 2009

In April 2007 the Netherlands Royal Air Force (RNLAF) was host for an extended test of electronic countermeasures on an Apache helicopter. This is an example of Electronic Warfare and the protection against the effects of that. The Northrup Grumman Direct Infrared Counter Measure (DIRCM) uses an infrared laser to confuse the electronics of an approaching heat-seeking missile in order to lead it out of its route.
Although the laser does not have the power to damage the missile, it would certainly damage the eyes and skin of someone too close to it. That was the reason the Netherlands MoD LASERteam was invited to conduct the task of a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) during those tests.
The presentation shows the modification works on the Apache and some impressions of the testsite and the tests themselves.
Due to company restrictions no details about the DIRCM laser will be given.

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