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Product Code: ILSC2007_403

An Advanced Visual Function Tool for Assessment of Laser Induced Retinal Injury in the Absence of Ophthalmic Retinal Evaluation
Harry Zwick, Walter Reed Army Inst. of Research; Brooks AFB TX USA
Mike Boye, USArmy Medical Research DetachmentWalter Reed Army Inst of ResearchBrooks City Base; San Antonio TX USA
Bruce Stuck, USArmy Medical Research Detachment , Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; San Antonio TX TX USA
Peter Edsall, Northrup Grumman Inc; San Antonio TX USA
Andre Akers, USARmy Research Detachment, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; San Antonio TX USA
Presented at ILSC 2007

Laser induced retinal injury occurring under field conditions without the aid of conventional ophthalmic devices poses a significantly more difficult diagnostic task than retinal injury detection with the aide of retinal ophthalmic imaging. The ability to detect retinal injury in the absence of ophthalmoscopic field capability depends on the sensitivity of the visual function field test. Utilization of spectral acuity charts closely associated with the spectral sensitivities of the three cone systems provides an important link for assessment of spatial chromatic function and possible detection of outer retinal dysfunction associated with specific cone photoreceptor loss. Charts with backgrounds that are neurally opponent to the spectral composition of chromatic acuity test targets are most likely to assess inner retinal function and neural connections between the cone photoreceptors and the ganglion cell layer. The sensitivity of these chromatic acuity test stimuli are currently being evaluated with respect to high contrast achromatic log mar Acuity charts.

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