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Expansion of Pulsed Laser Process Limits Through Pulsed Fiber Lasers
Christoph Ruettimann, Rofin-Lasag Ag; Thun Switzerland
Ulrich Duerr, Rofin-Lasag Ag; Thun Switzerland
Noemie Dury, Rofin-Lasag Ag; Thun Switzerland
Ronald Holtz, Class 4 Laser Professionals; Lyss Switzerland
Presented at ICALEO 2013

Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers are the state-of-the-art for a large number of micro-applications, and have provided remarkable performance in many applications including welding and drilling processes.
Thanks to the combination of several key characteristics, such as high beam quality, fast pumping diodes, and high speed electronics, a new generation of pulsed fibre lasers has stretched the established process and application limits. Fibre lasers have also allowed the answering fundamental research questions thanks to consistent beam quality that is independent of other laser parameters.
This paper gives and overview of the new possibilities offered by pulsed fibre laser technology, with a special highlight on drilling and welding applications. Extensions of process performance and production optimized solutions are also presented. Methods of pulse shaping and plasma generation, which enable new limits of hole drilling speed and hole aspect ratios, are discussed. Finally, new welding abilities and perspectives of real-time process control and micro-welding of medical alloys are introduced.

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