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Product Code: ICA13_M406

New Micro and Nano Laser Machining Applications with a Versatile Ultrashort Pulse Laser System and Diffractive Optical Elements
Erwin Steiger, Erwin Steiger Laser Service; Olching Germany
Ulrich Radel, Topag Lasertechnik Gmbh; Darmstadt Germany
Siegfried Pause, Llt Applikation Gmbh; Ilmenau Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2013

We report on new industrial process developments and applications using an ultrashort pulse laser system with a mean power of 15 Watt and the ability to produce femtosecond to picosecond laser pulses with high pulse energies at 1030 nm, 515 nm, 343 nm and 257 nm in a single compact unit.
Precise and reproducible structuring of thin-film (CIGS, CdTe) solar cells on plastic, metal and glass substrates, scratching and isolating of ceramic substrates covered with a thin silicon film for LED manufacturing and micro machining of metals, thin glass samples, ceramics and (bio)polymers for medical applications (e.g. stents) are discussed in detail.
Additionally, diffractive and refractive beam shaping optics is used for parallel beam processing applications and precise drilling, cutting and structuring of thin electronic films.
The results were analyzed (optical and confocal microscopy, SEM) and compared with Q-switched and fiber laser systems regarding thermal influence zones and machining quality.
It was found that by optimizing the laser parameters of the ultrashort pulse laser system and using specially designed diffractive optical elements (DOE) new and extremely precise industrial manufacturing processes with minimal thermal damage were possible compared to the longer pulsed laser systems currently used for micro and nano machining applications.

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