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Beam Shaping Unit for Microprocessing on the Base of Refractive Beam Shapers
Alexander Laskin, Adloptica; Berlin Germany
Gintas Slekys, Altechna; Vilnius Lithuania
Nerijus Siaulys, Altechna; Vilnius Lithuania
Vadim Laskin, Adloptica; Berlin Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2013

Spatial beam shaping is very important in various laser microprocessing techniques like scribing, PCB drilling and others where scanning over working field with using galvo mirror scanners is used. Therefore, combining of beam shaping optics, converting Gaussian to flattop (uniform) laser beam irradiance profile, with scanning optical heads is an insistent technical task. As a proved solution for beam shaping it is suggested to apply field mapping refractive beam shapers piShaper with important features: low output divergence, high transmittance, extended depth of field, operation with TEM00 and multimode lasers. De-magnifying of flattop laser beam can be realized by imaging optical system composed from F-theta lens of scanning head and additional collimator. Difficulty of this approach is implementation of compact design of the collimating part. Solution is suggested in form of specially designed Beam Shaping Unit (BSU) installed between a laser and a scanner and providing: irradiance profile conversion from Gaussian to flattop, compact collimator design, functions of adjustment and adaptation to real lasers and scanners. There will be considered design features of refractive beam shapers and BSU and optical layouts to generate flattop laser spots. Examples of real implementations and results of material processing will be presented as well.

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