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Industrial Femtosecond Laser Systems and Applications in Precision Machining of Glass and Metal
Michael Mielke, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
X Peng, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
K Kim, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
D Gaudiosi, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
M Greenberg, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
M Shirk, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
E Juban, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
W Lee, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
G Masor, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
X Gu, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
R Lu, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
M Hamamoto, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
R Cline, Raydiance, Inc.; Petaluma CA USA
Presented at ICALEO 2013

Within the last few years, a robust market has developed for femtosecond laser sources and application processes that enable precision micro-machining with high speed, consistency and reliability in factories around the world—where temperature, humidity, debris and handling conditions rule out the use of conventional, scientific grade femtosecond laser systems.
Femtosecond lasers for precision industrial micro-machining must meet several simultaneous criteria: (1) pulse width short enough to achieve ablation without thermal diffusion, (2) pulse energy high enough to drill or cut through ~1 mm of material, (3) average power high enough to keep machining rates competitive with incumbent technologies, (4) nearly diffraction-limited, single mode beam quality for precisely machined features, and (5) all these parameters must be stable over time (years) and broad ambient temperature ranges (at least 15 to 35 °C). Once these minimum criteria are satisfied, specific micro-machining processes must be developed to provide a clear and compelling benefit (quality and speed) over the incumbent manufacturing tools.
Depending on the specific application, femtosecond laser machining solutions compete head-to-head with longer pulse lasers, mechanical cutting, drilling and milling, as well as electrical discharge machining (EDM). The conventional laser, mechanical and EDM workstations are widely adopted in industry and are generally less expensive in terms of initial capital equipment cost. Nonetheless, in a rapidly growing number of precision manufacturing applications, the machining quality and speed improvements provided by femtosecond lasers are demonstrating overwhelming benefit and highly compelling return on investment (ROI) to manufacturers. The key to success in these applications is delivering to manufacturers reliable, high value solutions (combinations of processes, equipment and software).
In this presentation, we will describe the design and performance of our industrial grade femtosecond fiber lasers, highlight the technical breakthroughs that enable unprecedented micro-machining system performance level, and detail the applications in consumer electronics, automotive and medical device manufacturing that are defining the market requirements for this most precise micro-machining tool.

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